Burmese Refugees

Who are the Refugees of Burma?

There are currently almost 700,000 minority tribespeople who are fleeing persecution by the Myanmar military Junta, such as the Shan, Mon, Karen, Karenni, Arkanese, etc.

Why are they refugees?

When Burma became independent in 1948, many of the minority tribes (such as the Karen, Shan, and Arkanese) did not want to join Burma and wanted states of their own. There were rebellion movements launched, and the Burmese state cracked down hard on them.

However, over the years as the Military Junta took control of Burma, the state started to attack minority tribespeople, regardless of whether they were rebels or not. This drove many of them to flee to neighbouring Thailand and Bangladesh, where they either become refugees or illegal immigrants.

What has happened so far?

– 700,000 minority tribe people fleeing to neighbouring countries
– Over 3,000 villages burnt down, leaving 500,000 villagers hiding in the hills
– Burmese Army persecutes minority tribes, regardless of whether they are rebels or just peaceful villagers.
– Many cases of rape and massacres, as entire villages are burnt
– As of 2007, there are 140,000 refugees in 9 refugee camps in Thailand alone, with many having been there for more than 20 years.

How can this problem be solved?

The problem has been one that has been present for many years, and there is little that aid or resttlement can do because the problem will keep recurring time and time again.

The solution perhaps lies in diplomacy/political pressure on the Myanmese government, to encourage it to observe human rights and exercise greater control over its army units in their dealings with the minority tribes. Only if the root problem is eradicated, then can the refugee situation be resolved.

More Videos:

Refugee Camps on the Thai-Burma border


17 responses

1 08 2007
li kim

please please please do something about it. diplomacy/political pressure on the Myanmese government, to observe human rights and exercise greater control over its army units in their dealings with the minority tribes. Refugee Camps on the Thai-Burma border, the enviroment tt they are living in is real terrible.
its really heartaching to see all the videos.
please give them your helping hands. i will really wish to help out in one way or another. through i dont know them but seeing them suffering is painful enough.

2 08 2007
Edmund Twohill

i think that it is outrageous that something like this is allowed to happen. it is very commendable that this is being done, but i am worried about the effectiveness of this petition.

3 08 2007

I truly applaud the efforts on enlightening the plight of the refugees. It is really heartwrenching to know this is happening, and i really hope that something significant will be done to deal with the situation. it is humbling to know that these people are suffering while we are leading comfortable lives….

5 08 2007


6 08 2007
clare tay

I see human rights is totally non-existent in these countries. Wat govt would kill its ppl? n wat ppl would support these govt unless they want to be persecuted? These countries are so totally messed up.

9 08 2007

A third-world problem calls for a third world solution

16 08 2007
Shiqi. SP

TERRIBLE !!! pls stop all these…

25 08 2007

something are really unfair in the world ,so we should give more love for everyone.

27 08 2007

Hi – I am really impressed with your work on refugees in Southeast Asia. Check out a similar project by a friend of mine, on http://fiftyrefugees.wordpress.com/.

Let us know how we can support you.

5 09 2007
Vivian Chow

Singapore, Raffles Girls School(Secondary)

This is really horrible, we should really do something for these refugees /:

5 09 2007
Teo Tingwei

Singapore, Raffles Institution

Why is life so unfair for them? Please save them and give them a chance to experience the lives of those fortunate people.

5 09 2007

Singapore, Raffles Girls’ School

this is really horrible.please stop,these people are innocent!

5 09 2007

Raffles Institution, Singapore.

it’s the fortunate who’re doing this to the unfortunate, isn’t it?
it’s because there’re fortunate people that there’re these unfortunate people, right?
just hope everything that can be done to save these people is being done, and that one day, the oppressors(if used correctly.) would be in the shoes of the refugees, and get a taste of what it feels like to be treated this way.
guess not everyone appreciates how lucky they really are, and would like to bring the happiness that they have to others who don’t. so yeah, hope these people can be saved, and given a better life, much better than what they’re going through now.

12 09 2007
Kiang Gei

This would have really been different if Aung San was not assassinated.

6 12 2008

See http://www.unpo.org for more details on non-violent approaches to securing democracy and human rights around the world for voiceless communities.

25 11 2010
A Kya Mog

I expect to see happy Myanmar. Go ahead your struggle. May be peaceful. By justice! Name: Chanda Marma,
Country: CHT, Bangladesh

25 11 2010
Chanda Marma

I expect to see and feel happy Myanmar. Go ahead your struggle to obtain your effort. May be peaceful. By Democracy justice!
Name: Chanda Marma,
Country: CHT, Bangladesh

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