About Us

Refugee children in the refugee camp of Mae La, on the Thai-Burma border


Who are we?

Refugees SG was started in May 2007, when a bunch of Junior College students in Singapore decided to do something to raise awareness about the refugee problems in Southeast Asia. People in Singapore have hardly heard about these refugee, even though they live barely a 3 hour flight away from them.

Our mission is strictly humanitarian, although our petition to the leaders of Myanmar and Laos is our mode of solution to address the root cause of the refugee problem.

Other than the petition, we are also working with NGOs who are helping the refugees in the refugee camps, to find means to aid their efforts to help the refugees.


Why do we exist?

Refugees SG aims to create awareness for these refugees, and through this awareness play a part in encouraging leaders of Myanmar, Laos, ASEAN, and the UN to do something this. We encourage people to sign the petition available on this site (see here) to ask various leaders to do something about these refugees.

Refugees SG also aims to bring together a bunch of individuals who are interested in doing something for the refugees- and hopefully out of this spawn collaborations for fundraising or further awareness raising projects.

See a list of our events!


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