Photos from TJC’s Presentation + Exhibition

1 08 2007

Performances in front of exhibit- not for us, but good publicity!

The presentation by Rishik and Rennald

TJCians crowding to sign the petition

Four pages of signatures, on TJC foolscap paper!




2 responses

4 08 2007
Roshan Jason

Dear Refugees SG and all Singapore youth visiting this site, signing the petition, organising events such as the above and just plainly sharing the info on the situation in Burma with your friends and family – you are doing a marvelous job and on behalf of Members of Parliament of AIPMC and Burmese-MPs-in-exile and Burmese civil society affiliated with AIPMC, we would like to thank you and encourage all of you to continue with your efforts.

Roshan Jason
AIPMC Executive Director

5 08 2007
Jia yi

So what are we gonna DO about it? Just raising awareness won’t be enough. Admittedly students don’t have the clout to stop this minority genocide, but neither do we have the will to continuously shout out loud and clear to Singapore’s leaders, ‘PLEASE do something about it at the next ASEAN meeting, make the Myanmar military government stop these atrocities and enforce human rights!’ A petition, a mere piece of paper, albeit with the sincere wish to help the poor refugees, will at most be seen and forgotten (I feel. I might be wrong anyway, maybe someone has sent it to Mr George Yeo?)

Response: Through these efforts, we are already doing our best to signal to those in power that the next generation does not approve of this and would like to see change… and if we have enough signatures/enough voices, this petition won’t be just seen and forgotten! Admittedly signing this guarantees absolutely nothing, but you have to concede it is worth a try- if it succeeds, can mean the world to these refugees.

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